What is FltLib?

FltLib is a Multigen-Paradigm OpenFlight file format loader library written in portable C.  It is small and fast, and can be used to read most versions of the OpenFlight file format from version 14.2 to 16.x.  There are also some minor facilites to write OpenFlight files.

FltLib is a mature library, having been in commercial use in various forms for years.  Although some recent integration has been performed, you should find the library stable and reliable.


FltLib is particularly useful for vis-sim style applications that need to be able to load the OpenFlight file separate from the visual representation in order to perform terrain queries or other mission functions on the data.

FltLib has also been used to parse the OpenFlight file format in order to build a hierarchy for scene graphs such as SGL and Nvidia's NVSG


FltLib is cross-platform and is known to work on Windows with almost all Microsoft compilers, and should compile with GCC on most other platforms (Linux, MacOS, etc).  There is an automake project to help on platforms where automake is supported.

OpenFlight is a registered trademark of Multigen-Paradigm, Inc.